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United States military patches and insignia have achieved prominence after the United States participated and became victorious in World War II. The patches and insignia are believed to symbolize new found power and domination of the United States Military when it comes to fighting evil forces and protecting freedom.?

Patches and insignias are usually worn on a United States’ military uniform; they are otherwise known as “shoulder sleeve insignias”. Patches and insignias are commonly of two kinds; one is the unit patches and the other one as the shoulder insignias. Unit patches shows the name of the military unit that the soldier belongs to, while the shoulder insignias, which is shown on the sleeves or shoulders of the military personnel, signifies the rank of the soldier.?

Shoulder sleeve patches and insignias before World War II were usually made on fabric of animal fibers or felt and the others are made by the use of machine weaving.?

The United States Government designated a specialized group whose job is to determine and decide what patches and insignias should be put with accordance to rank, unit, divisions on the military personnel’s uniform. From the 1920’s and the 1960’s The U.S. Army Quartermaster Corps., handled all the task that determines the distinctive touch and design of all the unit patches and insignias, shoulder sleeve patches and insignias, medals, flags, coat of arms, seals and other kinds of patches for the U.S. Army uniforms.?

By 1960 the Institute of Heraldry took over the job of designing the US military patches and insignias. By 1962 the job was eventually transferred to the US Army Adjutant General’s office.?

US military patches and insignias are made with the best design possible, it expresses loyalty, courage, wisdom and other endearing attributes of US military personnel. Having one in their uniform is a source of pride in itself.?

Today the US military patches and insignias have become a great collector’s item, especially those patches and insignias that US military personnel have on their uniforms during World War I and World War II.? ?

These memorabilia may cost approximately 2-5 dollars each, but even though the monetary value is deemed low, collectors feel a sense of pride in just collecting these patches and insignias. US Military patches and insignias carry much more than its financial value. It has a tremendous amount of historical significance and it symbolizes courage of men who fought bravely in wars of our history. Although there are patches and insignias that are sold in great amount especially those from the uniforms of famous military figures who have fought and served in the past wars.?

Today the US military patches and insignias still symbolizes the great things about the US Army, Navy, Air force and the whole military as well. It remains to be the shining feature in a military personnel’s uniform. And as years gone by those being shown in the sleeves and shoulders of military uniforms will someday become collector’s items as well.



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